Are You Building a New House Out of Old Bricks?

There comes a time in your life when you may feel “I’m tired of the results that I’m getting. I want something different… something new. There must be a way to get it.”

There comes a time in your life when you may feel “I’m tired of the results that I’m getting. I want something different… something new. There must be a way to get it.”


 You start a fresh marketing strategy in your business. You pursue a new hobby or look for a new romantic partner.

What you end up doing is creating an updated version of your old life. You’ve patched up some holes and threw a coat of paint on it. It feels good for a while.

But the same dissatisfaction you felt at the beginning comes back, nagging you: Is this all I can be… have… or experience?

So, you run to a mall and buy another gadget for a quick fix on a satisfaction scale.

Perhaps you even move to a different city.

A few years later, you review your life, and it turns out you repeated your old routine. You simply moved it to a new landscape.

Can you build a palace using the bricks from an old shack?

Scientists have been fascinated by the atomic structure of physical matter for centuries.

The first impression was simple. An atom consists of a nucleus and electrons revolving in circular, prescribed orbits around it. That model, created by Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr, gave us stability and predictability.

You knew that if you sat on a chair, it would support you.

We’ve surrounded ourselves with matter – houses, cars, or luxury items, to acquire perception of safety.

Matter is something we’ve been accumulating and conquering, trying to reach the status of apex species, so we could feel invincible.

Yet, as you look at our society in the 21st century, peace, stability, and safety are more elusive than ever.

Are we truly on top of the food chain or are we at the bottom? Always feeling uneasy, worried about 401K, savings, paychecks, utility bills, or grocery expenses.

To find inner peace, you’ve tried to fight the world.

You fought for a promotion and a raise. You were told to work harder and accumulate more, so you slaved 10 hours a day.

You sought knowledge of how to do things better – digital funnel strategies, novel product displays, latest trends, or innovations.

But it didn’t take you much further from where you were before. In despair, you started looking for gurus or experts in the field.

They told you that the problem was within you. You simply had to be better.

It meant you weren’t enough… not smart enough… not determined enough… not ambitious enough. The list never ended.

You threw yourself into a chain of personal development events, conferences, and webinars. You went to spiritual retreats.

You studied different religious dogma in search of alchemical gold that would turn a piece of coal into a diamond. You tried meditating and OHM-ing your way into existence.

You were told gratitude would help you find the bliss you seek. In other words, you were prompted to accept the mediocrity of your existence.

You diligently pursued hope by cherishing the little pennies that you had in your account or whatever was left of your health or career.

You told yourself: I’m grateful, so I’m happier now.

Are you?

You fought the world. You fought yourself. And here you are.

Did you get what you wanted?

You’ve worked hard all your life and yet, you are here with me, wondering what the next best thing is to shift you to the next level.

What if there was a way to stop these futile efforts? What if you let go of the notion that strife and struggle produce results?

You’ve been running on one track that leads you to the same, predictable destination.

It’s like trying to make a new dish out of the same ingredients. How much different can it be?

I’m here to offer you a different opportunity.

Jump the track!

As developments in quantum physics progressed, scientists realized that while the ordered model of the atom they adopted provided us with the logical and pragmatic understanding of this reality, when they looked deeper, they found a lot of action underneath it.

Somehow, an electron didn’t want to be pinned to just one orbit. It didn’t move around in an orderly way. It popped in and out of existence. It existed in a cloud of possibility – in all places at once and none at all. We couldn’t say for certain where it was at any time. We could only measure where it probably would be.

The predictable reality that we relied upon so much turned out to be fake.

Matter was not solid. Everything was energy.

The atomic particles that gave us the sense of knowing, existence, and safety in the world would misbehave. Sometimes they would appear as physical matter.

Sometimes, they would show up as an electromagnetic wave, like water in the ocean.

The chair that you sit on entertains a lot of movement underneath its cover. All these atoms, particles, and subatomic particles are dancing to the rhythm of a potential waiting for you to give it shape and form.

They are waiting for you to determine how a wave of possibility will collapse into solidity.

The only reason you sit on a chair and don’t fall through it is because you have a firm belief that it will hold you. You have a strong conviction that the wall is solid and protects you, so you can’t walk through it. You perceive your body as dense because you can hold things in your hand or put clothes over it.

But that is the parody of our existence. This illusion of fake safety that we give ourselves and yet feel completely unnurtured, unstable, and jarred because, at the deep subconscious level, we know this is all just a presumption, a creation of a worried mind trying to appease itself.

The true reality is in a state of constant movement. It begs you to answer: What would you like me to be? What would you like me to look like?

It is up to you to dress this reality in clothes of your liking. It’s up to you to shape this experience.

The life that you’ve led up to this point has been the result of all your beliefs, expectations, judgments, and opinions. It’s moving along one track of potentiality.

If you don’t like what you see, it’s time to jump into another orbit and leave it behind.

Build a brand-new castle on a new foundation of beliefs that support your vision.

Make a choice.

The only freedom you have ever had was to make a choice about who you are, where you are going, what you desire, and what your life should look like. Exercise that choice.

Thinking that you’re not worthy is a choice of belief.

Feeling undeserving of money is a choice of poverty.

Poor health is a choice of rejection of your own power to heal.

When an electron disappears from one place in the cloud and reappears in a new coordinate, it does not seek to recreate where it came from or improve upon it. It simply shows up in a different potentiality.

What if one day you could make a choice that proclaims:

I’m leaving this current reality behind. I’m gonna pop into a brand-new existence.

 I will be different – not improved, not expanded upon, not healed, or reimagined.

 I will simply start anew.

Years ago, in my meditation, I saw a blank piece of paper. I heard the word from my inner guidance that said: CREATE!

I knew that I could erect buildings, streets, or people on that page. I didn’t transfer what already was in my reality. I didn’t use old bricks. I built a new landscape.

What would this new reality look like to you?

First, give yourself permission to abandon where you are now.

Let go of this insatiable desire to fix it, heal it, improve it, even accept it with resignation, hoping that this despondency and apathy are the way to shift you out of the state that you’re in.

Make a choice for a brand new you.

Stop fixing a faulty Windows operating system. Try Apple instead.

In quantum physics, there is a notion called the act of observation. It means that the physical matter shows up when you search for it. You, the viewer, are the composer of your reality by sheer expectation of what you want to experience.

The more scientists looked for what lied beneath the particle structure of an atom, the more they found there. They discovered subatomic particles, then quanta and subquanta.

The entire universe moves along a spiral of the Fibonacci sequence. It has no beginning nor end. Both sides expand into infinity.

As long as you look for something, you will find it.

As you seek to cure traumatic experiences in your life, you will find more that needs healing.

The more you try to improve yourself, the more reasons you’ll find to deem yourself inadequate.

What if one day you decided everything was perfect as it was?

You’re perfect as you are. You simply want to experience life in a different form.

What if you symbolically dematerialized from the life you live now, and reappeared in a new possibility – just like an electron jumping into a different coordinate point within the cloud of infinite potentialities?

You don’t have to fix things. Your first step is to make a choice.

Ask yourself: What is it that I want because I can have it all? There’s nothing stopping me. What do I want it to look like?

 Most people sleepwalk through their lives… dazed… stuck in a mental coma. They are too afraid to know what they desire… too fearful to make a choice in case it doesn’t come true.

But you do have a choice.

Knowing what you like is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, because once you know what you want, you can claim it.

 You can force matter into being.

You can collapse a quantum wave of energy into an experience of your liking.

You can manifest a house, next income, or a car.

You don’t have to wait for a perfect moment. You don’t have to be smarter, wiser, or more creative. None of that is needed.

Make a choice for something different in your life, then claim your stake in the new reality you desire.

Stand by your choice. Don’t try to justify it.

Don’t pay for it with struggle, efforts, compassion, or a plethora of other ways in which you try to prove to yourself that you’re worthy of your dreams.

Let all that go and show up as who you are.

You are not a faulty model. You’ve been Divinely designed for success.

You have within you all you’ll ever need to manifest your goals.

That is the foundation upon which you can build your castle.

Proclaim to the world:

I am who I am. This is my creation. This is my desire. This is how I will manifest my life.

That is when a new dance of life begins, and you are its most skilled dancer.

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about the Author:

Dagmar Fleming is a genuine business hybrid - a blend of traditional, straightforward businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, energy healer, and intuitive empath. Dagmar cultivated and perfected a proprietary high-growth, life purpose and income generation system she calls the Triple Quantum Reset™ that helps entrepreneurs dissolve emotional and mental blocks to success.