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Unleashing Your Inner Magnet: Why Clients Aren’t Flocking to You (Yet)

You’ve boosted posts, launched a website, and still no clients? It’s time to explore the sneaky mindset barriers that might be pushing your prospects and clients away.

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You’ve created a brand-new website, put out a flyer, boosted a social media post, and … crickets. No clients. No one is signing up for your program or service. As Marvin Gaye would famously ask: “What’s going on?”

Where are they?

Is it the economy? Is it summer? Vacation travel? Kids? Divorces?

A new idea is starting to dawn on you… That dreadful feeling that whispers:

“Is it ME?”

Well, my answer is – kinda.

The true problem sits right beneath the surface. There’s something in your mindset that’s uncomfortable with moving forward. Your heart isn’t in it 100%, so you unconsciously sabotage yourself.

You’re simply not ready. There’s a confidence issue, a lack of alignment with your own creation, and most likely – hidden limiting beliefs about how well you can do in your business. Vibrationally, you push your clients away.

The big imposter concept is hanging over your head, picking at you – “Can I really do it? Who am I to be doing this? Will people like my program? Will they like me?”

All these hesitations chip away at your confidence. So, when there are no sign-ups for your event – you hate to admit it, but you feel relieved. No people in the program – nothing to prove. Saved by the bell!

This all boils down to a lack of faith in yourself.

Somehow you think you need to be special to provide your offer, so you wonder if you are. Let’s consider the Catholic mindset for a moment – “God, I’ve been a bad girl, please spank me because I’ve sinned. Do I even deserve to be paid for what I do? Probably not.”

But I’m here to break it to you – you don’t need to be deserving or worthy of your passions or desires. There’s no need to justify your dreams. Simply decide what you want and claim it. “I’m starting a new program, so God, send the clients NOW. Better yet – yesterday. I’m ready.”

Alas, Catholics keep waiting to be good enough to receive God’s blessings because money is otherwise evil. I would know. I was born in the Catholic country of Poland.

We forget that in the book every good Catholic girl should read, it says: Ask and it is given. It’s not saying: Beg and your application might be approved. It pretty much tells you that what you request is assured to be provided if you properly ask.

That means you can’t ask and then back down because you might not be worthy of what you asked for.

Your worthiness has nothing to do with your dreams. Your deservingness is not evaluated by higher forces.

You have to make up your mind and stand strong in your conviction.

You either want it or you don’t.

You don’t beg for salvation. You command reality to conform to your expectations, or as the famous Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

When you do this, clients start pouring in from unexpected sources. Your desires, beliefs, and self-concepts work beautifully in tandem to manifest exactly what you ask for.

So the question is simple:

Are you all in?

If the answer is yes, you no longer beg: “God, please send me some clients.”

Instead, you proclaim: “God, send clients now. I’m ready to serve. All engines on. Full speed ahead. Let’s get this party started.” Then you watch as prospects line up to work with you.

Imagine yourself as a superwoman, standing tall with one foot on a stack of manifested dreams, ready to conquer the world. Declare your readiness to succeed and claim what’s yours!

Now, go get them, girl!

~ Dagmar Fleming
Success Catalyst

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