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Feeling a Little Blah? 7 Surefire Steps to Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them

Here’s how to kick it out of a ditch and into full gear so you can set your goals and actually achieve them.

Is your motivation mojo in a slump? Here’s how to kick it out of a ditch and into full gear so you can set your goals and actually achieve them.

“Are you saying I would get sh#*t done? No way, Dagmar.”

“Way!” I say.

Read on…

  1. Set a goal that is specific but vague enough to leave some room for improvement.

I realize it sounds like an oxymoron but give me a sec to explain.

(On a side note: Have you ever noticed that there’s a moron in an oxymoron? What is it trying to say?!)

Back to the point…

If your goal is to make an extra $10K per month in your business, add “or more” to your financial goal, e.g. $10K or more, so you’re open to ideas that surpass your initial expectations.

Don’t throw money away if the Universe and your own brilliance are pushing you into open water. Swim like a champ!

  1. Set a specific date to accomplish your goal but let go of attachment to that timeframe.

If you were planning to make an extra $100K this year, would it be so bad if it happened by February 1st next year instead of December 31st? I’d say enjoy the money and your accomplishment despite a few months’ delay from the original plan.

Less pressure around time equals a better chance for success.

  1. Is your goal set to benefit you or to please others? Take some time to reflect on the true motivation behind your goal.

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds because your man told you that you looked fat in jeans, your desire to please him might not carry the weight (pun intended) past initial excitement.

The closer the goal matches your own desire and not the external environment, the easier it’ll be to get things done.

Figure out if you want to be slimmer for yourself and, if so, go for it! You might even want to dump the guy and your old jeans and go for an upgrade instead. Now, that’s great motivation!

  1. Goals are set but you’re feeling demotivated? Here’s what to do to get fired up.

First, go back to Point 3. Who are you doing this for? If the answer is still: “Definitely for me,” but your goal is moving like a snail, it’s time to check your emotions.

We often avoid tasks because they’re challenging or we don’t know how to accomplish them, so we feel dumb.

Who wants to be a loser? Not you, I bet. So you give up on your goal. You didn’t try, so no one can call you a failure. Pretty smart, right?


It’s time to do the research and learn steps and tactics that will get you to the finish line. If you can’t do it on your own, hire a specialist like me. I’ll kick your butt. No problemo.

  1. Still not feeling it? Hyperventilating when you think about what you’re trying to do? You might feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task itself.

Don’t swallow the whole elephant in one gulp.

I’ve no clue who came up with this idea because, as far as I know, no one eats elephants, but the argument still stands.

If you feel stressed, break down the result of your goal into a series of small tasks, then tackle only one at a time.

My fave power question is: What one small step can I take today towards my big fat juicy goal?

Once you ask that question, it’s easy to do just one small (but brilliant) thing. It’ll probably lead to another equally tantalizing step and, before you know it, you’re a genius! Sounds splendid to me.

  1. “I’ve tried it all, Dagmar, but it still ain’t going. What do I do now?”

You think you’ve got me cornered, but here is my most brilliant advice. Are you ready for it? Really ready for it? Here it comes…

Ditch the goal!

Wait, what?

If it’s so hard to get it done, perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

I give you full permission to quit or redirect.

Can the same goal be tweaked in such a way that you feel less pressured to perform and get a sense of accomplishment, even if it’s small?

If your goal was to lose 20 pounds, replace it with: “I’m no longer eating snacks after 9 pm.” You might be surprised when you end up getting that slim body (and a hunk) you were after in Point 3.

And if losing weight is too difficult right now, follow my friend’s golden advice: “Get yourself new clothes that are a few sizes bigger, so you look slimmer.” Worked for me. Just saying.

  1. There’s no 7th point.

I got you there, didn’t I?

I no longer feel motivated to motivate you. Besides, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Re-read all the points above, dump your excuses, and get your ass moving!

Pump up the jam, my friend.

To your success,


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