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Now is the time to create a BETTER future

There’s no doubt that we’re all in an emotional and economic crisis right now.

There’s no doubt that we’re all in an emotional and economic crisis right now. You might not be sick, but you may be trapped in your home, worried about how to move forward in your life, business or career.

Are you feeling stuck?

In times of stress we can let the feelings of overwhelm and fear squash our creativity or we can make lemonade out of lemons. So here’s your recipe:

Now is the time to complete tasks you know are critical to your business but may have been marginalized in the past because of lack of time or focus.

It’s an opportunity to focus on projects you’ve never had a chance to launch.

Create Keep My Momentum Plan.

I call it my “Coronavirus Staycation Plan.”

I’m not taking about binging on the movies or drinking Vodka Quarantinis.

I’m talking about catching up on your accounting, creating new strategies, learning new platforms to reach your prospects, or perhaps honing your marketing skills.

Focus on what you would like to accomplish in the next two weeks, so that when this “vacation” is over you’ve caught up on things in your business that will create a powerful momentum.

What would that be for you?

Perhaps you need to do your taxes, follow up with your prospects, create new digital services, or offer virtual meetings.

Perhaps it’s time to overhaul your website.

Maybe it’s time to look forward and create a 12-month plan on how to pivot in the new social distancing climate so your business is bullet-proof to changes.

Create a powerful motive to keep going.

Imagine what it will feel like when these projects are finally accomplished.

You’ve been putting off these tasks for years. Now is the time to get them started.

The cost of doing nothing is an emotional distress. It keeps nagging in the back of your head causing you to feel guilty and disappointed.

What would it feel like if you caught up on all of your accounting?

You’d probably sleep better.

You would know where you stand financially so you can plan better for moving ahead.

You need to trigger your motivation.

Right now, most people feel demotivated amidst a giant wave of stress.

But YOU can get a lot done in the next two weeks.

Most importantly, while you will work on moving things off your plate, your focus will change.

It will shift away from general despair and concern to clarity and intent.

You’ll activate the creative part of you that can shift your outlook and generate tons of ideas you need to re-structure your business and excel at this time.

By doing something – anything at all – your anxiety will subside, and you’ll get in touch with the intuitive voice within you that will guide you to what needs to be done to thrive.

And as for me… ?

I serve the world through serving entrepreneurs like you though my coaching and mentoring.

I’d be honored to support you to build a business around what you love and what you’re here to do, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

I can help you step out of fear and struggle and into an abundance mindset.

Sign up for a free Rapid Breakthrough Session with me so we can examine where you want to be in your life and business, what’s in your way to get there, and how to overcome it. I’ll share strategies with you that you can implement immediately so you can embrace wealth, influence and power in your life.

Life change requires decisiveness.

Those who are the most adaptable to change will thrive while others will contract under pressure.

Imagine what it would be like to know that you have – inside of you- everything you need to succeed no matter what’s taking place in your life.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey.

To your success!

Dagmar Fleming
Founder, Unlock Your Success

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about the Author:

Dagmar Fleming is a genuine business hybrid - a blend of traditional, straightforward businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, energy healer, and intuitive empath. Dagmar cultivated and perfected a proprietary high-growth, life purpose and income generation system she calls the Triple Quantum Reset™ that helps entrepreneurs dissolve emotional and mental blocks to success.