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Are you stuck in a rut?

Do you ever feel your life feels like Groundhog Day? The same people, experiences, or opportunities...

Do you ever feel your life feels like Groundhog Day? The same people, experiences, or opportunities keep showing up – as if you hit a replay button.

The same circumstances but with different actors.

You date the same guy. He may look different, but acts all the same.

You keep getting past over when it comes to a promotion. Your colleague gets accolades for your work while you busted your butt to get the company to where it is now.

Your health problems keep coming back. The doctor just gives them a different name and prescription.

The money keeps yoyoing in your life to the point where you don’t have much hope for a stable future.

Why is this happening?

Did you get stuck like Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day plot?

Is this pesky animal trying to get you?

I know you may feel like it’s easy to blame the little fellow, but what if YOU are at the core of this life track stuck on the repeat button.

“It ain’t me,” I can hear you say it and I understand. Trust me, I’m not trying to get you.

But what if you – the way you think and act, your perspectives, opinions, judgments and the things you expect to happen (like, “I know he’s gonna cheat on me” or “The boss is probably going to fire me”), are all causing you to unconsciously create situations that you are so desperately trying to avoid?

As this idea slowly starts to dawn on you… let me share good news with you.

If YOU are the cause of the problem, then YOU are also the solution.

Bam! You’ve just slammed that groundhog back into its den.

What you need to do is to examine your expectations, which are based on your beliefs about what you can or cannot do. Then, change your opinion about those possibilities that are available to you. Once you do, the Universe will strive to confirm these new presumptions by showering you with the results you want.

Let me translate that.

Another schmuck shows up to dinner ready to date you? You say “Thank you, no thank you. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Next!” Then wait for a better version.

You walk into your boss’s office but this time, you’re thinking: “I deserve a raise. I’ve busted my balls and now is time to be recognized. It’s happening!” You rock that confidence and get the promotion.

Still worried about money dwindling in your account? It’s time for a new affirmation: “Money flows to me from unexpected sources with ease and grace at all times.”

The little groundhog that’s here to prophesize your future is just reading your predisposition – the most likely outcome based on your current beliefs that dictate the actions you take. It’s not determining what will happen but what is most probable to occur, because if your GPS is set for “find me another loser to date,” then it’ll take you there. Guaranteed!

Is that the destination you seek?

If not, then program it for something else.

Put “Raise” or “New client” as the new destination address, then follow the instructions.

In the end, you’re in charge of your experience. You CAN get unstuck.

Change your thinking, change your future.

That’s the way to pull yourself out of the endless loop of Groundhog Day.



P.S. No groundhog was harmed in the process of this article, but many people did if they didn’t heed its warning.

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Dagmar Fleming is a genuine business hybrid - a blend of traditional, straightforward businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, energy healer, and intuitive empath. Dagmar cultivated and perfected a proprietary high-growth, life purpose and income generation system she calls the Triple Quantum Reset™ that helps entrepreneurs dissolve emotional and mental blocks to success.